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Insider Secrets to Maximize Social Media Results

Insider Secrets to Maximize Social Media Results

Here are two key techniques that I have been using for over two years to generate substantial results, but have only shared them with my clients. The first key is to create categories for your social media posting. The second key is a tool called ConversionLab iQueue. I lay them both out below in text and a short video. 

Key #1 Categorize

If you want to simplify your social media posting , categorizing your social media updates by type makes the planning and sharing process a whole lot easier.

Using categories helps you share quality content and keeps your feeds balanced and relevant.

Categories also make it easier to choose what content to share. If you want to post three times a day, six days a week, then you need to create 72 updates every month. And you really should be tracking them in some fashion. But if you use categories, and you have 6 categories, then you only need to create 12 posts per category per month.

Breaking your posts into categories or buckets divides your work into more manageable chunks and you are sharing more relevant, focused content when you do share.

I recommend you start with three categories and build up to six as you get into the flow and you start seeing the benefits.

Here are a few questions you can answer, in advance, to get your mind flowing in the right direction when creating your categories:

Question #1

What are the topics you frequently discuss with customers in your business?

Question #2

What are some frequently asked questions you receive from your audience and prospects?

Question #3

What are your most-popular, highly-shared social media posts so far this year?

Key #2 - Conversion Lab iQueue

Now that you understand the benefits of categorizing your social media posts, I am going to show you one amazing part of the powerful ConversionLab web-based tool called iQueue. This changed my social media efforts from hours per day into minutes and gave me better results on day one. Watch the short video demo below.

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