Intromojo-An Introduction to Your Next Customer

Intromojo-An Introduction to Your Next Customer

Simplicity has a way of clarifying purpose.  Focus has a way of deepening value.  Intromojo incorporates both simplicity of design and focus of purpose into a web tool that delivers exactly what its name implies.  Introductions are the energy drink of the sales process.  Introductions are a key accelerator of sales results.  Get yourself some of this Intromojo and experience one of the most productive sales 2.0 tools this year.  This newest web tool is scheduled to go live on Monday, October 4th.  Those registered prior to that date will be receiving priority access that day, so I encourage you to get signed up now.

At its core, Intromojo scours the web for information and activity about any person and assembles it into a helpful format for review and further action.  This file or dossier as they call it provides the most thorough overview with clickable links to the source data that I have found available to the general public.  You can view these dossiers online, or download them as a PDF file if you prefer.  I have made mine available if you would like to see what a personal dossier looks like.

Pricing is as straight forward as the rest of the solution:

$25.00 per month, no contract.

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Brett Arp and Dan Waldschmidt, the guys behind Intromojo, understand the power of an introduction.  They deliver a tool that can provide confidence that you understand your client/prospect’s background, history, interests and more.  This might just be that magic pill that you need to get your sales results moving at the pace you expect.  They have used this understanding to cast a wider net and dig deeper than other tools available.  Let’s look at what topics are reported on in a typical dossier:

  • How to reach me – covers all the bases from mailing address to both email addresses, skype, phone numbers and twitter addresses
  • What you need to know – brief bio/overview captured from Twitter, LinkedIn, Amazon and other profiles that are being used.
  • Groups they have joined – shows all the LinkedIn groups that they belong to.
  • Places they have worked – list of your past employment
  • Where they went to school – pulled from more than just LinkedIn
  • What they are talking about – pulls recent twitter activity
  • What they are listening to – this is one of the surprises I found in Intromojo
  • What they are watching – links to online videos
  • What they are writing – blog posts and other written submissions on the web
  • Videos they posted – links to video’s submitted online
  • Products they have reviewed – pulling from
  • People they are connected to:  shows their connection stats from online platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Places to find them on the web – if they have an account online, the odds are that it will show up here, and some that might surprise you such as Pandora.
  • What the search engines are saying – Bing seems to be providing the bulk of this information.  Not surprising with the impact that Bing is beginning to show in the market.

There has been quite a bit written lately about the research results that found sales people are spending too much time doing research (up to 30% of a workday) on their customers and not enough time working with those same customers.  This is the value of Intromojo.  All of this information is available if you have the knowledge and the time to spend tracking it down.  As an Intromojo customer, all you need is an email address or just a name to enter.  Simple and efficient.

Intromojo search screen

An example of the value that can come from this unique combination of data is using one of the surprises I found when first looking through a dossier.  I have been trying to get some “quality” time with the Vice-President of Sales of a company that I have done a small amount of work with.  I knew that if I could just get some dedicated time with him, away from his employees and responsibilities, that I could get to the core challenges that he was facing with his sales team performance.  After requesting the dossier for him, I noticed that he listens to Dave Matthews frequently and it jumped out at me because I had heard the radio promotion for an upcoming Dave Matthews concert.  Took the chance, bought four tickets for him and I and our wives and got a commitment to go to the concert.  Time will tell if the desired results will be achieved, but I know that I would not have had the insight for this without Intromojo.

Intromojo is scheduled to go live on October 4th.

By signing up now, you will receive priority access when the switch is flipped.

I recommend you sign up and run a dossier on yourself.  You might find it helpful to see how your online activity is being presented.  You might discover, as I have, some areas that need improvement or some areas that you might want to change privacy settings from within the online profiles.  This is one of those web tools that delivers on what it promises.  Get back all those hours now spent researching customers online and just request a dossier from Intromojo.  It is really all you need. The best new tool for sales pro’s this year!

Let me know what you discover when you look through your own dossier.  Any surprises?

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