iPad App for Outside Sales Reps

iPad App for Outside Sales Reps

If you are in sales and have an iPad, you have probably been looking for an iPad app designed exclusively for your needs.  The first iPad powered App designed specifically for outside sales reps and account managers is now available.

IMPORTANT: Since this post was originally published, Sales Beaver in this format has been removed from the market. For more information about the change and the replacement for iPad users, click here.

Sales Beaver is the App and in spite of it’s cutesy name, this application actually performs very well.  And did I mention that the price is FREE for the Lite version, which is the version that I am highlighting in this post.  It allows you to manage your contacts, send email’s using one of several email templates for various sales activities like introduction, appointment follow-up, thank you’s and for any other purpose that your selling process would benefit from.

The app takes advantage of the touch screen, entering information or sending an email are accomplished very easily.  With the instant on capabilities of the iPad, I have found that I enter the information more frequently throughout the day, rather than batching data entry until the end of the day or when I find time.  I have also discovered that I am more likely to send an email out of Sales Beaver immediately after a meeting, as opposed to waiting until I can find a connection and fire up the laptop.

Key features include:

  • Customer Contact Records
  • Email templates (you create standard email messages for various purposes)
  • Follow-up scheduling
  • Driving Directions
  • Customizable categories and Fields
  • Export capabilities
  • Boss Management (this allows you to send information that your boss asks for on a regular basis)

The screen layout is well designed and very intuitive.

Sample screen of a Contact form:

Data entry screen for Sales BeaverSample Screen for eMail template:

Sample screen for email template from Sales Beaver

Sample screen for category and field customization:

sample screen for Customization from Sales Beaver

Don’t look for this app to be a do everything CRM tool like Salesforce.com.  It is not.  It is however, a web tool that manages your contact and email activity with ease.  For most sales people, that is all they really want to do anyway.

The now offer an “Expanded” version and have a “Collaborative” version in the works.  If you are interested, they are discussed on the Sales Beaver web site.  Sales Beaver Lite is available for download in the Apple App Store now.

Has anyone come across other sales tools on the iPad that you can share?

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