iPad App That Shows Your Contacts On a Map

iPad App That Shows Your Contacts On a Map

This new iPad App might be just what you have been looking for if any of these scenarios sound familiar:

  • iMap pin mapYou just got out of a meeting early. You have time to drop in on someone if they are between you and your next appointment. If only you knew what contacts were between your current location and where you are going to be.
  • Driving to your next appointment and want to know what prospects or customers are on your way?
  • Spending some time in an unfamiliar city and want to see what customers or prospects are nearby?
  • Want to plan your route for daily sales calls in the most efficient manner?
  • Want to create a new sales territory and see which customers might be affected?

iMap HD gives you the ability to view a map of all of your contacts in your address book on your iPad. There is an iPhone version as well. Choose between either a list or map view. iMap will show how close your next prospect, friend or contact is from your current location. Did iMap find someone you would like to drive to? Simply click on the name or pin on the map and Voilà!, iMap generates driving directions for you.

iMap routing screen

Once you’ve selected a contact you want to visit, select ‘Directions’ and iMap will automatically pull up Google Maps and draw the map from you to your client or prospect. Use iMap for planning out your day!  This will help you decide where to go next by showing you who is closest to you right now.  You need to view the most efficient route, this is the tool.

You can add notes directly to your Contact pins. iMap timestamps your note and directly inserts it into the correct contact without ever leaving the application.  Simple CRM functionality.

iMap HD is based on the iPad or iPhone’s address book capability. Simply add or import anything you want to Map into the address book and away you go! iMap uses your internal GPS to Map the contacts in your address book based on their proximity to you or as an option on the iPad version, it will also allow you to put in your own starting location and is NOT just dependent on your GPS!

iMap is available in the Apple App Store and is priced at $9.99 for the iPad version. iPhone version is $3.99


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