Keyoobi Provides the Who, Where and When on iPad

iPad Can Now Show You The Who, Where and When For Sales

Keyoobi is another of the emerging iPad tools that is guaranteed to make you say,

“I do not know how I lived without this app!”

If planning your calendar and routes are an important part of your day, Keyoobi is worth the small investment of $9.99 to not only resolve that challenge, but do so in an elegant way that makes the exercise enjoyable.

While just writing those words I was struck with the realization that this elegant solution is priced at $9.99!  Think back just a few years when you couldn’t find a good piece of software for less than $100, and if you wanted Microsoft Office or equivalent you were in the hundreds of dollars.  Pretty amazing transition in only a few short years.  Some of us in sales think our pricing has been under pressure!

Special Pricing Announced: If you purchase by end of day Friday, June 10th, you will receive a special price of $4.99

Anyway, back to Keyoobi.  It pulls data from both your Calendar and your Contacts, allowing you to plan your schedule and travel with everything you need in one screen.  It works well for the enterprise rep who is tied into Microsoft Exchange or corporate Gmail and well as the individual entrepreneur just starting to hit the road on their own.

Richard Casey, Chairman and CEO has used his 20+ years of enterprise sales software development to good use with this product.  Casey states ”

“Sales people like to sell, they do not usually like the administrative work that comes along with sales.  We want to add a level of enjoyment to the process for sales professionals.”

Here is a short 2 minute video that should give you a good idea of the capabilities of Keyoobi:

Some of the key features you will be able to customize to meet your needs include:

  • Integrates with Contacts, Calendar and Maps
  • Works for Enterprise users who synchronize their calendar and contacts with Exchange servers or Gmail
  • Allows you to enter and maintain your appointment schedule
  • Displays appointments locations on a map with route
  • Color codes routes based on travel time and appointment time
  • Routes your next appointment in real time based on current location

Here is what the Keyoobi Map Screen looks like:

keyoobi Map screen

Available now for iPad in the Apple App store with an iPhone version coming. I hope you can take advantage of special pricing ending Friday, June 10th.

Many readers of Fill the Funnel are in Leadership or Executive positions.  I hope you are starting to see a trend here with the capabilities that the iPad is now bringing to the table.  With the productivity increases your sales team can realize, the dramatically lower cost of the software, lower support costs and a relatively low acquisition cost, the days of providing  an iPad to your sales reps might be just around the corner.  What additional solutions are still lacking to make this a reality?

Read the press release at MSNBC calling Keyoobi “the Road Wariors Dream App”



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