iPhone App Eliminates Copying Whiteboard Notes

iPhone App Eliminates Copying Whiteboard Notes

If you like to capture the information on whiteboards or the screens from PowerPoint presentations, then this new beta iPhone App will be of interest to you.

I cannot count how many meetings and conferences I have been in where the information laid out beautifully on a whiteboard.  By the time I finished copying it all down in my notes, it lost something in translation, or maybe was not able to capture it all before it was wiped clean and the next set of ideas was being drawn out.

In my technology sales experience, I always try to get the marker in the hand of my customer, getting her to lay out her needs, Infrastructure, organization, approval process and more.  It was not always easy to listen and to copy everything down.  Now I have found a solution that is simple, works flawlessly, allows me to email a copy to others, and can even save it into my Evernote account.

Whiteboard Share is an iPhone only app that takes a picture of the whiteboard, then automatically removes the glare and other unwanted artifacts from the image, making them easier to read or print.  Now I can listen to the person at the whiteboard intently, listening and observing all the other cues that I have been missing in the past.

Here is a screen capture before and after Whiteboard Share does it’s magic:

Whiteboard screen example before and after

During a recent slide presentation at a conference, I tired of writing down the key concepts being shared by the speaker.  I used Whiteboard Share to capture each slide.  The resulting views were clear, white background and no reflection.  Bingo, another helpful use of this tool.  Since then I have captured a page from a magazine, a book and even a computer screen and they all turned out very good.

The app is free, available from the Apple App Store.   A handy little app that you should find yourself using frequently.

I will be using this app frequently while attending the upcoming Sales 2.0 Conference in March.  I will post some of the images that come from the presentations of Jeffrey Hayzlett , Clara Shih, Anneke Seley and others.

Send me a photo of your first saved whiteboard to maustin@fillthefunnel.com.  I’d love to see your masterpiece!

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