Is Your Personal Name Domain Unavailable? Don't Miss Your Chance This Time

Is Your Personal Name Domain Unavailable? Don’t Miss Your Chance This Time

NameTag photoI have been recommending for years that you “claim your name” as a domain name, specifically “yourname”.com. Posts back in  2009  and here, and then again in 2012 go into more depth about some of the benefits of owning your own name as a domain name, especially the .com version if available.  I believe so strongly in the current and future importance of this that when friends and family add new babies to their families, I have been buying their new childs name with the extension as a gift if available.

So you missed out on .com domain – now what?



If you have ignored my recommendations in the past but are now reconsidering this action, the odds are pretty high that the .com extension is not available. Someone else has already acted. There are many other domain extensions now available, and except for a very narrow, specific niche and/or purpose, are not worth buying. No one will remember to us  the .info or .biz extension when trying to reach you, and will either become frustrated, give up, or take action on someone else’s site.

Normally going to any domain registrar will give you a price of $29.99 per year for this domain extension, compared to an average .com price of $9.99. Act fast and buy your .co domain name before April 1st, 2014 and you will be able to buy your first year for $9.99.

Don’t miss out again-Price goes back up on April 1st

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I liken it to buying a piece of land. You might not have any plans for it right now, but at least you control it for future use and options. I believe strongly that having this asset in your control will continue to become more and more valuable in the future. Heck, just to use it as the base for your email is pretty cool even if you have no other plans for it currently.

If you have any interest in being in business or any professional endeavor, control your name and your domain. Click here to control your future online presence and save some money.

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