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It Is A Universal Truth – Salespeople Want More Leads!

Supercharge your sales with the game-changing tool that allows you to uncover 1000’s of local business leads in any industry and city in seconds.

In every annual reader survey I have published for the last 7 years, the #1 thing that salespeople want and need is ‘more leads’. Other topics come and go but ‘more leads’ has been on top of the list every year.

How we go about identifying more leads is always the challenge. Technology is always gradually helping us find potential new customers. New tactics using social media platforms like LinkedIn or Twitter are being published every day. ‘Creating content’ is always mentioned when talking about lead generation. All effective, and all will produce results with a significant amount of time and effort expended.

Every so often new tech comes along that blasts results to new levels and changes expectations rapidly.

It has happened again! A new technology is available that will instantly give you an unfair advantage. Specifically built for salespeople that sell to other businesses – B2B sales, in any industry.

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When I started writing Fill the Funnel blog posts for salespeople, a tool was introduced called Jigsaw. I literally had new opportunities waiting in my inbox every morning. It changed my sales results overnight and it changed the direction of my career. But alas, Jigsaw was sold, how it worked was changed and my daily lead flow stopped cold.

Many salespeople work for small companies or are independent contractors and need to generate their own leads. In my own experience, even working for Fortune 50 companies, I rarely saw a lead hit my inbox generated by the company.

This led me to the conclusion that the best way for me to continually have new prospects in my funnel was to find them myself. Prospects I found through my own efforts and my own tools were mine to work. I controlled my own destiny. That led me to buy my personal license for Jigsaw, InsideView, and even GoToWebinar, allowing me to use them as I saw fit. It worked out for me in a big way.

Meet LeadsRecon

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