It's Gonna Get Messy

It’s Gonna Get Messy

Over the next 10 days, it is going to get a bit messy from time to time here at Fill the Funnel. Things might get shifted around a bit from where you have gotten used to them. There will be some new additions and I am sure that things will get a bit messy for the short term.

Fill the Funnel Construction

I am going to begin the switch-over  to an entirely new site layout and theme. The world I play in slows down for no one, and the tech that was available back when I wrote my first post back on October 8th, 2008 has changed and improved many times. I hope you will hang in there with me during the change over. I could wait until every last nook and cranny is tested and ready and then flip the switch. I use that exact strategy with some of my clients sites, but for this site, I will turn on the new look over the weekend, and then tweak things, change and re-check things over several days.

As I prepared for this change-over, I had the need to go back through all of the posts I have written. Similar to running into old friends and once in a while cringing at the site of an old girlfriend, my original intent and goals for Fill the Funnel were brought to the surface. Several of the tools no longer exist. Others have been merged, acquired or morphed into something else. What has not changed is my motivation to begin writing posts here in the first place. My 2nd post ever is titled “Do You Really Need a Profile on LinkedIn?” Writing and training on LinkedIn before LinkedIn was cool, before social selling was ever muttered.

If  you are interested in learning what I was thinking about when I began writing Fill the Funnel back in 2008, here is the original post titled:

Customer Acquisition – October 8, 2008

I’ll be here behind the scenes, pushing buttons and twisting levers and making sure that things are working as I intend them to. Playing with all the cool toys and experimenting, testing and learning what you like and what you don’t. I hope you will speak up, tell me what works and doesn’t – what you want to see more of – you get the point. See you after the dust settles!