I've been keeping a secret!

I’ve Been Keeping a Secret

Many of you have noticed I have been quiet lately. The last post I wrote was back in mid-April and have done no live video appearances or audio broadcasts. It’s time I share the reason why.

In late April I was diagnosed with an affliction called Bell’s Palsy.¬†Frankly it scared the crap out of me as I had never heard of it before. Symptoms match those of a stroke in several ways, primarily in the face. After a visit to the emergency room and the “good” news that it was Bell’s Palsy and not a stroke, the reality of what was happening sunk in.

It is almost always a temporary challenge, lasting from four to twelve weeks typically. I am about 5 weeks in and feeling good. The affects are mostly gone, with only my left eye looking a bit different. My voice is back to normal, and I expect to jump back into video in a week or two.


Back to WorkSo I got back to work last week, typing at the keyboard, reading, and getting caught up on the many things that I had to drop during the down time.

I decided to share this because it might educate others on this crazy affliction, and to let you know that I am still at it and looking forward to getting back to work.

So, I am back at it and subscribers can expect to see their weekly WebTool updates in their inbox next week. I have a big backlog of tools to share with you and some very interesting observations about the changing landscape of sales and marketing.

The reminder from all this is to live life to the fullest every day. Make sure those around you know they are loved. Don’t put off until later those projects that can add value in your life. I feel very fortunate to be getting back to normal this quickly.

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