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Leveraging Tech to Make Sales (Audio)

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What technology and tech strategies could you be using in your sales workflow right now that could fill your pipeline and double your income?

That’s the question I discussed with Meredith Messenger on her “Selling with Soul” podcast. We talked through the latest tech and tools you can use to “attack the tedious” and free up more time to build customer relationships that will net you more revenue.

On today’s podcast…

7:23 – Everyone deals with technology differently, but those that are open minded always win
12:00 – Where and how should people start to leverage technology to make more sales?
17:19 – Grind isn’t always good: A list building example
22:48 – “I have a phenomenal ability today to get one message to as many people as I have in my CRM”
30:19 – Does technology hurt relationship selling?
33:20 – Attack the tedious!
36:07 – The power of the human voice, the power of podcasts
40:30 – Polluting the pool: the danger of instant communication/relationship management
47:24 – How is technology addressing our need for leads
51:45 – The most valuable real estate that every salesperson has
58:09 – Things Miles’ wishes he would have known about tech when he started

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