LinkedIn Gets Video Conferencing for iPad with Hookflash

LinkedIn Gets Video Conferencing for iPad with Hookflash

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LinkedIn has proven to be one of the key pillars of a sales persons online presence. Communicating directly with a network connection in real-time required several additional steps until now.

Hookflash is a recently released iPad app that provides hi-def video calling and voice conferencing with your LinkedIn connections. You need to be logged in to LinkedIn to use the app, thus giving it access to your connections. Those that you want to talk with will need to already have Hookflash downloaded or accept the invitation you send them right from the app itself. By integrating LinkedIn’s directory, Hookflash provides users an exciting new platform for voice, HD video and messaging. It’s the first communications app to build upon LinkedIn’s social graph and demonstrates some of the potential in LinkedIn’s ever-growing worldwide network.

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Hookflash for LinkedIn means no more searching for contact details, dialing multiple office and mobile numbers, or paying for expensive long-distance and roaming fees. Simply tap the LinkedIn contact you want to reach on Hookflash and instantly chat with them (video, voice and text). The app will let you place voice and video calls and send text messages to any of your LinkedIn contacts for free. And it will display LinkedIn profile and activity feed information for each contact in the app, so you’ll know who you’re talking to and what they’ve been doing. Compared to Skype, there is no need to build a list of contacts. When you log in to your LinkedIn account in the app, your information will be synced automatically. The app also pulls information from LinkedIn so your conversations have more context than they would with Skype.

Limitations to note: If you have 1,000 or more LinkedIn connections, you will not be able to use Hookflash currently. This 1,000 connection limit is expected to be lifted within the next thirty days, possibly sooner. Hookflash is currently available only for the iPad though I know the iPhone version is right around the corner and Android is on the roadmap as well.

If you really want to get excited, take a look at where Hookflash is headed within the next several months as indicated in this image:Hookflash iPad Dock Station

That’s right – your iPad snaps right into the docking station and now you’ve got a whole new way to enjoy the benefits of LinkedIn, Hookflash and your iPad.  Trent Johnson, CEO of Hookflash told me to expect this in the market by January of 2013. The team at Hookflash has a great vision for where this technology is going in the near future. I would recommend keeping an eye on what they are doing. I will be sharing new information when it becomes available .

Easy, effective communication is critical in sales. Any tool that can enhance and ease the communication between sales and their customer is a value add.


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