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Slideshows From Your LinkedIn® Profile

They have been busy over at LinkedIn® the last month, releasing an entire new way to leverage this ever-expanding tool.  These new capabilities are called Applications, and there are several available at time of launch with more to come.  One of the most intriguing from a salesmaker perspective is called SlideShare, which allows you to share your most effective Powerpoint presentations to anyone visiting your profile.  You can also use this with PDF’s and other presentation software.  The following provides an effective demonstration of a slide presentation, provided by Guy Kawasaki, entitled 10 Ways to Use LinkedIn.  Click on the link  and let me know your reaction.

This has the potential to be very effective.  The standard rule still applies, it is all about your content.  If you have a finely-tuned, concise and relevant presentation, post it with your profile.  If you choose to be an early adapter of this application, share your links and your results with us by adding your comments.  I am looking forward to hearing from you.

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