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LinkedIn® Subgroup Followup Q&A

It appears that there is quite a bit of interest around the recent LinkedIn® Subgroup announcement. As a webtool, it seems to provide an answer to many needs you have been asking for.   Two key questions have been coming up and the answers are here:

1)  How many subgroups can I join?
You may join up to 50 subgroups across all parent groups.  This total does not count against your parent group total of 50.

2)  How many subgroups can I create for my parent group?
Up to 20 subgroups can be created within a parent group, but any individual can only create up to 10 Subgroups across all groups.  This limit does not count against your parent-group limit of 10.

If you have additional questons, leave them below as a comment and I will get you the answers as soon as they are available.  The link to the original announcement and analyis of the impact is here.

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