LinkedIn Training for B2B Social Selling

LinkedIn Training for B2B Social Selling

LinkedIn training -LearnAboutLinkedInExcited to announce the public launch of and the best LinkedIn training focused on B2B sales and marketing professionals that understand the power behind social selling.

I have been involved with LinkedIn training for over eight years and have trained and spoken at sales conferences across North America on the topic. I have crossed paths with many others that position themselves as the expert on this topic, most of which flame out and move on to the next “hot topic” of the day.LinkedIn Training - Viveka von Rosen

I am a believer in having mentors, those that I can go to when I am stumped, confused or sometimes just in need of a different perspective. When I need to dig deep into a LinkedIn question, the one I look to, my mentor, is Viveka von Rosen. She IS my LinkedIn trainer! I have known Viveka for many years now, and have come to respect her talents and her values.

Over the last year I realized that I cannot serve all of my requests for individual, group or corporate training on LinkedIn for sales, while maintaining my speaking and writing goals without a new approach. The something new that I am excited to announce today is the official launch of an online training program for the exact people I serve every day – sales people.   Meet LearnAbout!

LinkedIn Training - LearnAboutLinkedIn LogoHaving the opportunity to partner with Viveka to bring this training to the market is a blessing. I am very proud to have my name tied to this program and to be partnered with Viveka and the team at MLT Creative with such a high-quality offering.

Our LinkedIn Training Contains Five Stages:

  1. INcrease Visibility – Your LinkedIn profile is your launchpad for success. It is the foundation on which your marketing strategy is built, making it one of the most important tools in your arsenal. In this training series, you’ll learn how to create a professional profile and optimize it so that search engines find it easily. You’ll also find out about some special features in LinkedIn that will help you gain an edge on your competition.
  2. INcrease Engagement – Now that your foundation is complete, you need to build your network. Step 2 training will cover the best practices and steps you need to take in order to make connections and grow your network. Take advantage of all that LinkedIn has to offer by increasing your engagement, which will help you find the most relevant and mutually beneficial business.
  3. INcrease Leads and Connections – Stage 3 training will guide you through all the LinkedIn features that B2B companies use every day to attract more leads and grow their business. Armed with the many tools that LinkedIn has to offer, you’ll be able to develop the strategies you need to drive business success.
  4. INcrease Company Page Performance – Step 4 training will show you how you can create a better B2B branded company page to attract the business following you need. By optimizing your content and creating dynamic links to your business’s website, you can engage your employees, delight your customers and attract more prospects.
  5. INs and outs of LinkedIn Groups – Learn about the many benefits of LinkedIn Groups. From finding the best groups to join to making the most out of your membership, Step 5 training will show you how groups can be a dynamic part of your LinkedIn experience. You’ll also learn how to launch your own LinkedIn Group that will help you increase your audience and grow your business!LinkedIn Training - Learn abut LinkedIn

When you join, you will learn the ins and outs of today’s most powerful social network. We are able to accomodate both the individual learner who is committed to a program of personal development and growth as well as the VP of Sales who wants to get her entire sales force on the same page and with the same understanding of how to get the most out of LinkedIn.

If you are tired of wasting time with the pretenders in LinkedIn training, click over to and get started. There are many free resources including a free LinkedIn LaunchPad eBook, a video of some helpful lead-gen tips  and more.

I hope to see you in the program soon. I can always pick out LearnAboutLinkedIn graduates – they are the ones nailing it on LinkedIn!

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