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Most Important Click Of The Year!

Most important click of the year?

Pretty strong statement and I am comfortable making it. Listen to John Spence explain why you should attend this free event and what to expect.

You would have to spend into six figures to get these speakers on the same stage at one time, yet each will be sharing their most focused, hard-hitting sales thinking during this live broadcast for free.

  • S. Anthony Iannarino – @iannarino Catalyst. Instigator. Agitator, and the author of
  • Mike Weinberg – @mike_weinberg New Business Dev & Sales Management Consultant, Coach, Speaker & Author of #1 Bestseller – New Sales. Simplified. Believer, Husband, Dad | NFL, NY Pizza & Porsche 911 fan
  • Jeb Blount – @SalesGravy Founder of Sales Gravy and Author of People Buy You, People Follow You, People Love You and Power Principles. Expert on human behavior in the workplace.
  • Mark Hunter – @TheSalesHunter Sales motivation tips and proven sales training techniques to help you increase sales, profitably. Author of top-selling High Profit Selling.
  • John Spence – @AwesomelySimple Recognized as a Top 100 Business Thought Leader in USA – Top 100 Small Business Influencer in USA – and top 500 Leadership Development Expert in the world. Author of numerous books on leadership and business
  • and me – @milesaustin  Miles Austin is The Web Tools Guy. Sales & Marketing Technologist, speaking & writing on web tools at FilltheFunnel blog. Seeking warm weather for Harley trips.

I am honored to take the stage with each of these mentors and thought-leaders. I have read their books, followed their tweets, and listened to them speak numerous times throughout my career. Each is truly at the top of their game and each brings their own unique perspective to the world of sales. It is the most important click of the year!

Register and join over 2.000 other sales professionals and leaders to listen and learn during this fast-paced series of presentations of 20 minutes each, in a “TED talk” style. As John Spence said in the opening video, there will be no PowerPoint, no annoying up-sells or packages to buy. Just the best sales advice for those in leadership roles or individual sales producers.

Most Important click of 2015The most important click of the year is HERE. Register and you will gain a seat at the live broadcast, supportive materials from each of the presenters and a link to replay the broadcast throughout the year. You will be using what you hear to improve your results for the rest of 2015 and beyond. Let me know when you’ve registered and I’ll save you a seat in the front row right next to me!



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