Good headlines get attention. Good headlines get clicks.

How Much Time & Effort Goes Into Your New Posts?

How often have you pressed “publish” on your new post and done the little victory dance, only to have it turn to a fit of frustration hours later because you STILL don’t have a single comment or social media share?

It’s easy to think nobody cares, until you see a post that isn’t even any good exploding with engagement. Your content doesn’t even have a chance to be forgotten, because it’s not even seen.

This happens all the time and it’s not fair. But this isn’t about fairness.​

This is happening because your headline isn’t captivating your audience to click.

Did you know five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy?

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Good headlines get attention. Good headlines get clicks.

Headlines determine the success or failure of your content, more than any other factor.

Don’t worry, creating headlines is not a magical art. Success is simply determined by testing and using statistics to choose a winner. This is what some of the world’s largest, most successful websites do. Websites like Huffington Post, Upworthy, Buzzfeed, CNN and Forbes take their headlines VERY seriously because…

A good headline can make the difference between a post no one cares about and a post getting thousands of clicks, social shares and massive visitor engagement.

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