Need More Leads? Stop Using List-Building Methods From 2009

Need More Leads?

Stop Using List-Building Methods From 2009!

Do you feel list-building is dead for you? Finding it harder and harder to earn leads and grow your subscriber list?

Many of those tactics like offering bonuses or signing up for a webinar have been so overused and poorly executed that those tactics don’t work much anymore.

Then GDPR requirements came along and the confusion and requirements made it even more challenging.

Once in a while, I come across a new product that my customers will benefit from almost instantly. This is one of those products. Something so powerful and so creative that my beta customers have been going crazy about it. Who doesn’t love to build a powerful list? Right!


This is Leads2List and it opens an exciting new way for you to build your list.

Facebook lead-gen ads! They are the most powerful and yet, underutilized method to grab fresh leads in any market, in any industry.

The reason why only big marketers have been able to use them so far is that it’s not easy to get the leads into an email autoresponder.

You either got to do the coding yourself or pay monthly for a software that will do this for you. Both methods are expensive!

Not anymore. Leads2List makes it really easy to grab your leads for a one-time cost. Just connect it to your Facebook page and it will automatically send all the people who sign up, straight to your autoresponder.

What’s more! It even comes with free training that shows you exactly how to set up effective lead-gen ads.

With it, you’re going to be able to scale up your business the same way the big shots do.

PERSONAL NOTE: I have been using Leads2List for some time now during its development. My results have surpassed my wildest expectations. Not only has my list grown by over 5,800 new subscribers, but my FilltheFunnel Facebook page is now approaching 24,000 likes! If you been hesitating to get involved with Facebook for B2B sales and marketing activities, you are making a huge mistake. It simply works, out-performing every other lead source out there.   — Miles

See how easy it is.

  1. Connect your Facebook pages to Leads2list and grab all your lead-gen ads
  2. Connect to your favorite autoresponder (we support all popular ones)
  3. Anyone who signs up is added straight into your autoresponder list.
Check to see if your email service is already integrated and waiting for your leads.

This is the most powerful and scalable list building system that only a few marketers have had access to until now.

Facebook Leadgen Ads

The reason is, it requires special software to get those leads into your autoresponder, and most of these software programs are too expensive, too complicated, and have a recurring fee.

With Leads2List your customers can

  • Grab leads from Facebook with just one-click
  • No one has to fill in their email id
  • A landing or squeeze page is not required
  • Leads go straight into your autoresponder, ready to mail.
  • Set it up once and never need to maintain again.

If you have not started using Facebook Lead-Gen Ads yet, don’t worry. There is training that comes with this purchase. And for those that really just want to get started right away, I am always here to step you through getting your first Facebook lead-gen campaign running.


This eliminates any legitimate reason for you not to finally start building your list of active, enthused email subscribers. No more excuses.

Leads2List is an online service, so you can access and monitor your success from anywhere you have internet access.

Check out the demo and see this in action for yourself.

And if you have read this far I will let you in on a little secret. The upgrade that comes after you purchase Leads2Link will provide this capability for LinkedIn! Now do I have your attention?

Like many of the tools that I share on the FilltheFunnel blog, this price reflects special, low launch pricing. It will not be at this price if you come back in a couple of weeks. Sorry, but that is just how these things work. Grab your copy, try it out and call me if you have any questions or need some extra help.