New LinkedIn Cheat Sheet Infographic

New LinkedIn Layout Cheat Sheet – Infographic

By now, most LinkedIn users have received the highly anticipated and debated “new user interface”. As with most major updates, many are complaining, some are praising and most are just lost and confused. I think you will find the LinkedIn cheat sheet below to be helpful.

If you have not noticed already, the feeding frenzy of LinkedIn consultants and trainers is gearing up to blast mode, and the training is needed for many of us because the changes are massive. Nothing is where it used to be, many of the helpful features you enjoyed as a free user have been removed and added only to the Sales Navigator level which will run you a minimum of $79 per month unless you trip over one of the few promotions that appear from time to time. As a side note, I am always suspicious when a company hides their pricing for buyers before they buy – but that might just be me.

I found this cheat sheet infographic from the good folks at very useful in getting a basic understanding of where the goodies are hidden within your LinkedIn Profile and I think you will also.

New LinkedIn Cheat Sheet

Do you have the new LinkedIn? If you do, what are your thoughts?

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