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New Sales Tool Completely Changed My Experience

I was introduced to a new sales tool called Sales Envy about three weeks ago, and I was skeptical…until I started using it. They called it a CRM tool, a sales automation tool, and frankly I have walked away from every CRM tool I have ever used and there have been dozens of them. I am working with salespeople every day. They look at them as a burden to use, help their sales management team more than themselves and are clumsy and difficult to use.

When I ask salespeople and sales managers what they would like in a CRM tool to help them improve theirs selling efforts, I hear

  • Call prospects fast.
  • Send automated/recorded messages.
  • Send follow-up, personalized emails.
  • Send 1-click meeting invites.
  • Record all calls.
  • Have dynamic call scripts.
  • Manage the entire sales pipeline
  • Learn it in an afternoon.
  • Fast.
  • Capture all selling activity in one place.
  • Affordable.

After three weeks of using Sales Envy, I now have a tool that I can actually use myself. I actually enjoy using it and the results have already been noticeable. 

After my own experience I wanted to get this in front of every sales organization I could. I have partnered with the creator of Sales Envy and colleague Mark Thompson for a very limited promotion that is unheard of in our business, but I’ll get to that in a moment. Check out these features:

SalesEnvy Features

Sales Envy integrates the advances in tech to provide all of the key components that I need in my selling efforts and do it from one app, on my Windows PC. I make outbound calls, record those that require it, send follow up emails, schedule appointments in my calendar, set reminders and manage my overall pipeline.

My entire setup process was less than twenty minutes, without a manual, and I have been using it ever since. I have uploaded my customer and prospect lists, and am working with them all day, every day since I installed the software.

I encourage you to explore Sales Envy and learn about the limited 7 day special offer I have negotiated for Fill the Funnel readers.

One of the many reasons I am so positive about this is that a lot of sales people work in small companies or are independent contractors. Up until now, there have been limited options for an individual salesperson to have a powerful CRM application that they can install themselves. This solves that problem.

Check out Sales Envy and let me know if you pick up a license.This is usually sold as a monthly subscription, but for the next seven days, you can grab a copy for a one-time fee that is over 80% off. Feel free to share this with your sales friends but do it quickly because the special price is only for a few days. For this price, you’d be crazy not to grab a personal copy, or a license for your whole team before the lifetime option goes away and the pricing goes back up to a monthly subscription.

I already have a group of  insiders from my newsletter subscribers that got access and we are talking about a live web training and orientation session so everyone can learn tips and tricks. So if you pick up a copy send me an email to let me know and I will make sure to include you when we get that scheduled.







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