New Tools Provide Daily Reviews from Sales and Marketing 2.0

New Tools Provide Daily Reviews from Sales and Marketing 2.0 Conference

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The speaker lineup and topics for the panels are as topical as ever, and many of the established web tool companies will be there.  You can review the speakers and agenda to see what some of the most important presentations and conversations will be about.

If you are not able to attend this event, I will be providing you a complete daily recap at the end of each day.  If you have ever tried to follow the Tweets from a conference hashtag ( this one is #sm20) you know how challenging it can be between the pace and all the re-tweets.  No need to bother this time, just come back to Fill the Funnel and read or even download the entire days tweets with all the re-tweets removed.  Focused, clean and to the point, just what you have been asking for.

I will be providing a full transcript of the entire days tweets, with re-tweets removed, for you to review at your leisure and pace, and be able to download it as a PDF file of the transcript if you desire.  Just browse here to each morning and see what the daily buzz is from the conference.

In addition to the daily transcript, I will be providing a “curated” review of each day’s activities including photos, video’s  and other content from the conference in a separate post.

Once the conference is over, I will be providing reviews of the web tools used to provide this unprecedented level of information for those that were not able to attend the event.  Your feedback is always welcome.

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