New Video Tool Creates High Quality Results

New Video Tool Creates High Quality Results

Video is the most effective format for communicating your ideas online. This new video tool creates high-quality results with all the bells & whistles. and should be on your acquisition short list. It incorporates the featues of a handful of other popular video tools into one system.

Video Motion Pro is a breakthrough video tool that will be generating lots of buzz. This tool is going live and available to purchase at 11:00 am Eastern on Tuesday, April 21st. The pricing will increase over the launch week, so if you want to save some money and get ahead of the pack for once, click here and get your copy.

Here is an overview of the power of this compelling new video tool for both Mac and PC.

This is the first video tool that combines all of these features into one product:

  1. Powerful video software for MAC or PC.
  2. Timeline editing of your video.
  3. Combine video, audio and photos all into one powerful video.
  4. Record your video with webcam.
  5. Record your screen activity take advantage of.
  6. Green screen capabilities.
  7. Intro “stinger” videos with your name and logo.
  8. Powerful animated “lower-thirds” for your name, links and other important information.
  9. Video Outro video that feature your other videos and give direction for next steps.
  10. Audio tracks for with full usage license.
  11. Integrated upload to YouTube.
  12. Auto updates with a click of your mouse.

  Here is a brief demo showing how easy, powerful and effective it is to use.


I have been creating and producing video for my clients and myself for over 6 years now. I have been using tools like Camtasia Studio, Adobe Premier and even iMovie for video editing, Audacity for my audio and Hangouts, PowerPoint, Keynote and many others to create content. If you add up the dollars invested it is over $1,000 jsut in the software. All of these tools work well, but none of them include everything I need to complete my project. I have been forced to go to various tools, at different stages to get to the finished project. VideoMotionPro changes all that by giving me every feature and capability in one software tool. 

I have saved the best part for last – pricing.

This tool is available for the first time beginning Tuesday, April 21st at 11:00 am Eastern. The price will be going up every day or two for the week of launch. In other words, the sooner you buy it, the lower your price will be.  Pricing is scheduled to range from $47 to $67 at launch time. The variation is which license you choose, so read through the description and select the one right for your needs. I recommend the Premium License to receive all the features and most flexible license. Once you make your purchase, you will have several options or “upsells” that you will be presented with. Don’t buy what you don’t need. Personally I purchased the Premium license and the first upsell which added more entry videos, more lower-third animations, backgrounds etc. You might not need them.

Video is rapidly becoming a critical component of every sales and marketing effort. YouTube channels are exploding and most every training program I am using or creating is based on video. Don’t be caught looking back and realizing you missed the next wave in sales and marketing capabilities. Join the video revolution.

I want to be perfectly clear. When you choose to buy this from my link, I receive a small commission. It does not affect your purchase price in any way. 



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