New Way To Generate Leads From Content of Others

New Way To Generate Leads From Content

We all know that “content is king”, right? In fact – a recent survey discovered that content influences 2 of every 3 purchase decisions. The only problem is creating content is time-consuming, costly, and hard! And it’s also very competitive.

After all, there’s already so much content out there, with more and more flooding the web every day. So what if creating MORE content is NOT the answer?

What if the companies benefiting from content the MOST – don’t create ANY content? (…and you don’t have to either)…

For the first time ever, you can create powerful traffic & lead campaigns just by browsing the web! Speedleads transforms your *web-browser* into a powerful lead-gen tool. SpeedLeads is a Browser Extension for sales and marketing  that adds a Branded Call-to-Action to any page you share – straight from your browser. You can generate traffic & leads in literally 3 clicks (seriously, you have to see this to believe it!).  Just by sharing links to interesting content you discover.

Watch the demo below and see how you can generate leads by doing what you are already doing but doing it smarter.

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If you’ve read this far, you know that I always work with product creators to give my readers something special. In this case I have been able to get a special Coupon Code: SPEED. It is only valid until 5:00 pm Eastern on June 23rd. Use it at checkout and you will save $3.00 off the already low launch price. In addition, when they know you learned about this from Fill the Funnel, you will also receive a stack of eight additional bonuses that I have added that compliment the power of this new tool

Most likely you are already sharing content that is helpful and relevant to your customers and prospective customers. Adding SpeedLeads to your browser is just plain common sense – because it lets you get more out of what you ALREADY do…You’re already browsing the web every day, right? So why not turn every browsing session into a lead-gen opportunity?

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