New Web Tool Generates Impressive Diagrams for PowerPoint

New Web Tool Generates Impressive Diagrams for PowerPoint

Strategy Diagram

We can all use some help with our presentations and PowerPoint slides. Creating quality visuals continues to be one of the biggest time challenges to creating an effective presentation. One of the presentation guru’s that I follow closely is Nancy Duarte. She has launched an innovative new service that provides over 4,000 top-quality, jaw-dropping diagrams specifically for use in PowerPoint. She describes her new Diagrammer service this way:

“A visualization system, scientifically designed with your info in mind. Find the perfect diagram and download the PowerPoint-ready file for just $0.99.”

Go to and follow these four easy steps:

  1. Browse
  2. Choose
  3. Buy
  4. Use

to select and obtain exactly the diagram that communicates your point.

Select from these diagram types: Diagram Styles

With over 4,000 variations at launch, each priced at 99 cents, you no longer have an excuse to present poorly designed diagrams. I am not sure how long this will last but use the code 3forfree to get 3 free.

For audiences everywhere, I hope you take advantage of and dazzle us with your next presentation.

I highly recommend Nancy’s books, Resonate and Slide:ology  to anyone that wants to improve their communication and presentations skills. Step up your presentation skills and your audience will thank you.



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