Not Taught - A Book Review

Not Taught – A Book Review

Not Taught –What It Takes To Be Successful In The 21st Century That Nobody’s Teaching You – Author- Jim Keenan.

This book will make many who read it uncomfortable. If it doesn’t you are either under 30 or completely clueless.

Not Taught Book CoverKeenan writes from experience, having lived in the corporate world of yesteryear , the politics, the mergers, the layoffs – all of it. Gone through that several times in fact. Driven to rethink his new reality after a layoff, he began a journey that many, many people are either considering or should be considering before it is too late.

He talks about the new tools, while acknowledging the old rules that are still in play and the importance of understanding both.

The challenge of change is real. I hear it in the voices of my audiences every time I speak. Things like, “the pace is too fast,” or “there are too many tools to learn”. Throughout these pages the reader will learn not only what has changed but why it is so important to embrace these changes and run with them as hard and fast as you can.

[tweet_box design=”box_01″]One of my favorite sections of the book begins with this quote, “It’s not OK to be anonymous.” -Keenan[/tweet_box]

If nothing else, drop by your local bookstore and read this portion of the book in the store. Once you understand why it is NOT ok, you will run to the front of the store and buy the book immediately.

It’s tough out there. It is uncomfortable. If you are committed to make the changes in your life that are required to succeed in our new reality, this book can be your guide. If you want to read a book that can change the destination of your life, read this book! If you want to learn HOW to change, WHAT to do, and WHY, this is your book.

Well done, Keenan. Well done.