OmniJoin Locks Down Your Web Meetings and Collaboration

OmniJoin Locks Down Your Web Meetings and Online Collaboration

OmniJoin is the lock-down web conferencing tool if you require confidential, secure communications and visuals between all participants and everywhere in between.

OmniJoin Web Conferencing

OmniJoin is not generally the tool that comes to mind when someone asks me about web meeting tools. GoToMeeting, Webex, and Google Hangouts are the common responses you will hear. Online collaboration and business meetings are rapidly becoming the norm with our dispersed and collaborative business teams. Security is not normally a concern for a marketing webinar or to share content that is meant for public consumption or will find it’s way to social media platforms or even YouTube.

That all changes when you are in an industry that requires complete confidentiality and security on both sides of the conversation and everywhere in between. Healthcare, Finance, Research, and strategy sessions  require and demand 100% lock-down security and privacy in everything that is discussed and shared. Yet all of that disappears when the jump into a meeting with one of the mainstream web meeting players. Did you ever think about the security of your communication during a recent web meeting or hangout?

After NEFSIS was acquired in late 2011 it was rebranded OmniJoin and became a part of the Brother Industries, Ltd. BrotherCloud suite of applications. OmniJoin brings a unique focus of providing a secure environment to conduct business meetings online between all participants.

When you login to a OmniJoin meeting, you will notice the small security lock and an HTTPS preface to your meeting URL. All of the bells and whistles of the more commonly known web meeting tools are available, including sharing screens, live video feeds of the participants, recording of the meeting and email invitations.

There are some capabilities that I found were unique to the OmniJoin organizer panel. Amongst them are:

  1. The ability for the organizer to control the audio and video settings on each individual participant. This allows the organizer to view the participants selected microphone and video camera settings and change them if needed to get the meeting on track. How many times are you in a meeting when a participant is not able to get their speakers or microphone working. This is an easy fix with OmniJoin.
  2. The ability to store video’s, PDF’s, slide decks and more into your own private, secure BrotherCloud account that comes with OmniJoin. This allows you to share that information with everyone, and have full confidence that it is secure.
  3. Complete, end-to-end encryption of the entire conversation and meeting. Everything is locked-down and only visible to those that you want to see it.

If you need to meet with others around the world to discuss, patents, trademarks, financials or even personal health information, OmniJoin should be your tool of choice. Share your slides, video’s, and even a whiteboard function with complete comfort that your information is protected by military-grade security.

Consider the opportunities in the medical field alone. With the explosive growth in electronic health records, collaborative treatment, and remote consultations. You can be assured that your health information is only being shared in a secure and responsible way. Doing so without this industrial-grade security is simply irresponsible. HIPAA requires and expects that this type of security is alwayst in place.

Let me be clear, OmniJoin is not for conducting a webinar. It is designed for online, collaborative meetings in which the information being discussed requires the utmost in security and protection from prying eyes and ears.

If that sounds like needs that you have, check out all the benefits that OmniJoin provides by taking advantage of their free trial.

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