Postwire - Dazzle Your Customers With Information They Need

Postwire – Dazzle Your Customers With Information They Need

Relevant, timely information wins business.


Communication and information customized to the needs of each prospect/customer is typically a primary factor in winning or losing in sales.

Sometimes the information helpful to your customer will come directly from you or your company. At other times, you find information provided by those outside of your company – industry experts, governmental leaders, trade associations as well as a wealth of online sources. The ability to provide all of this relevant, helpful information rapidly to your customer is at the core of what Postwire provides. LogoPostwire lets you collect & organize all of your content and then select & publish private, personalized, visual views of it for each prospect, client, customer, or member. You can upload your own thumbnail images and edit descriptive text, as well as control the placement of content items.

“Share only the content that matters with each of your clients.”

Postwire was created by the creative and successful team at VisibleGains. Cliff Pollan and Craig Daniel have leveraged their extensive experience with building products to help you to interact with your clients and incorporated that knowledge into an innovative, intuitive and easy to use web tool they named Postwire. I encourage you to learn more about their work at VisibleGains, you might be able to use that tool as well.

One of my favorite features about Postwire is that your customer really enjoys it. Let’s face it, delivering useful information to your customers can take many paths. You can email it, tweet a link to them, drop by a piece of sales collateral or a copy of a printed article. You can direct them to a link on your website possibly. Where Postwire shines is in the simplicity of its design and the ease of creating this page for each customer.

Let’s dive in to some of the types of information that you can simply drag and drop into your customers Postwire.

Web Links can include:

    • YouTube
    • Vimeo
    • Twitter
    • Slideshare
    • WordPress
    • Tumblr

Types of files you can add:

    • Video
    • Images
    • Presentations
    • Audio
    • Documents

You can add any of this information either directly from the web as you find it, or store it in your personal library to re-use over and over as needed.  Think about how you store your important company, industry and product information today. Where do you store it. How easily is it accessible?  With Postwire, you store all of this material in your personal Postwire library. It is now available any time, any place you have a web connection, eliminating that frantic scramble through either your file drawers or your online Dropbox account. Much more efficient and easy to update or keep current.

Here is what a customer Postwire page looks like:

Postwire page

Considering implementing Postwire might be a bit intimidating for some.  It seems like there is a lot that it can do and that is true. It is also true that they have done an excellent job in creating a step by step roadmap with clear instructions through each of the six stages. There is even a progress bar at the top of the page showing you how you are doing.

When you are done with your first customer page, and introduce it to your customer the fun and value has only begun. Postwire has built-in some very helpful measurement capabilities, providing you insight into what the customer is viewing, how many times and when.

Provide your customer their own Postwire page or your competition will – your choice.

Integration into other commonly used tools include a browser button, an Outlook plugin and I know that an iPhone App is in the works. This one should be a no-brainer. Go to and sign up for your FREE account to get started. You will be amazed at the reactions your customers will have when they see the benefits that you are now providing to them.

Thanks to the recommendations from Andy Paul -Zero time Selling and Peter Notschke -Score More Sales for introducing Postwire to me. If you have a web tool that is helping you grow your business, speak up. My readers are always my best source of the cool new tools coming out.


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