PowerPoint In Your Pocket - SlideShark Now On iPhone

PowerPoint In Your Pocket – SlideShark Now On iPhone

Brainshark announced early this morning the immediate availability of the free SlideShark iPhone App. With this announcement,  iPhone users can view, share and present PowerPoint presentations any time, anywhere to one person or an entire meeting room via an LCD projector.

SlideShark iPhone Login ScreenSlideShark for iPhone now available here.

The SlideShark iPad app came out last fall and has rapidly become the app of choice for showing and sharing PowerPoint decks from an iPad, winning industry awards along the way. Now with this new free app for iPhone, users have the ability to view and show PowerPoint decks without compromise on the iPhone or even iPod Touch. Plus you retain the extra benefit of being able to track your presentations viewing statistics,  connect to a projector or TV for presenting to a larger audience or share them instantly on your favorite social platform.

“As mobile devices continue to proliferate and rapidly mature, users are increasingly expecting that the devices will make their lives easier – and rightly so,” said Scott Nelson, Managing Vice President, Gartner Research. “Apps that maximize productivity – letting users view, deliver and manage presentations from anywhere, and helping bring a desktop-like experience to the phone at their fingertips – are seeing traction in the marketplace, and helping users stay connected and conduct business efficiently.”

Here are some examples of what users now have the ability to do:

  • Access content instantly and easily, from their free, secure, cloud-based account. Users can also download presentations to their iPhone, iPod touch and/or iPad for dependable, offline viewing and presenting.
  • Zoom in and out while viewing and showing content using standard “pinch” gestures.
  • Project presentations to a larger screen or TV with an HDMI or VGA cable or through Apple AirPlay (iPhone 4 and later).
  • Set auto-play with looping for self-running presentations.
  • Create a “Laser Pointer” effect while presenting to focus the audience’s attention.
  • Share links to online versions of presentations for on-demand viewing on any device.
  • Track views of shared presentations with instant email alerts and detailed online reporting when content is viewed by others.

My favorite feature of SlideShark for iPhone is the ability to easily share my work:

SlideShark iPhone share content screen
I feel obligated to remind everyone that this amazing web tool, as powerful as it is, cannot make your PowerPoint presentation better.  If you have a poorly constructed presentation, without structure and valuable content, it will remain so even when you use SlideShark.  Getting your “story” right is still your responsibility.
If you would like to learn more about how SlideShark works with iPad I have written more extensively about it here and here and included it in the very popular post “13 Tools to Create and Share Your Presentations
Go get SlideShark for your iPhone and send me your presentation-I’ll share the best ones here later on.


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