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Powtoon Adds Engaging Cartoons To Your Presentations

Powtoon logoDo you want to spice up your presentations? Need to have a professional look and feel and yet be simple enough that anyone can create it? By now you must have seen those animated videos that deliver a message with a cartoon-like animation. One of the early providers of a solution is a web tool called Powtoon.com. It should be clear by now that successful video messaging is no longer a person sitting/standing in front of a webcam reading from cue cards or a teleprompter telling your story. There are too many innovative new tools and services available to spice up your message.

This is a different approach than the ‘video scribing’ I introduced earlier in this series within my VideoScribe post. This isn’t drawing, rather it is cartoon-like animations and graphics.

Powtoon is one of those services that provides an easy, intuitive platform to create a compelling, animated video message without even using a video camera.

Example of my first use of Powtoon to promote Woosh!:

PowToon is a brand new Do-It-Yourself animated presentation tool that can jazz up your tired old presentations. It makes it easy to share your new creations out to YouTube, embed them in your website or blog and even include them in your emails and social media! If you have ever tried your hand at creating animated drawings, you already know how time-consuming it can be. Powtoon will save massive amounts of time and money by creating what they call ‘Presentoons’ that bring the WOW!-factor to product demos, business presentations, social media clips and more.

Powtoon provides users:

  • User-friendly, Intuitive interface
  • Countless style, image, and effect combos
  • Professional results, powerful responses

Powtoon does it’s magic in a familiar drag and drop format, with various themes, backgrounds, styles and colors. By building your presentation in steps, it removes some of the intimidation of learning a new approach.

Here are a series of screen shots showing what the environment looks like:

Powtoon styles

Pretty straight forward to create your own video:

  1. Create your  story/message
  2. Layout your timeline
  3. Decide whether you want a Presentation or a Video style message
  4. Select your style
  5. Drag and drop the desired graphics onto your canvas
  6. Record your voice and/or soundtrack
  7. Publish and distribute as desired.

It really is that simple. Various pricing plans ranging from $9.00/month and up based on your need, and if you want to remove the Powtoon branding.

So if you are ready to move out of the traditional presentation approach and

  • Create Professional Looking Promo Videos
  • Generate Leads and Close Sales Faster
  • Turn Your Elevator Pitch into a Visual Story
  • Grab Your Prospects by the Eyeballs

then I recommend you give Powtoon a try. I think you will  not only be able create some new presentations, but also have some fun.

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