Productivity Enhancement -Voice Recognition Comes to iPad and iPhone Comes to iPad and iPhone

Productivity Enhancement -Voice Recognition Comes to iPad and iPhone

In my experience, top sales professionals are good communicators, especially verbal communications. They listen intently, they speak with clarity.  It gets a bit more challenging when written communication comes into play. Translating what is in your mind and voice into the written word has held many superstar performers back from that ultimate goal.

Dragon Dictation LogoDragon Dictation can help bridge that gap from being a pretty good performer to a sales superstar by translating those brilliant ideas and responses and putting them into words. Dragon Dictation is a part of of the well know Dragon Naturally Speaking product line from Nuance.

Dragon Dictation brings the power of voice recognition to your iPhone and iPad as apps available in the Apple App store.  Both are free.

I was in a Twitter chat (#LinkedInChat every Tuesday evening at 8:00 EDT hosted by Viveka von Rosen – @linkedinexpert) earlier this week and one of the participants tweeted the following:

Voice Recognition Tweet

Helen’s tweet got me thinking about how often I am mobile, not at a convenient place to type information into a small keypad or to fire up the laptop.  Thinking of how often I would like to respond to a Tweet but not abloe to take the time to type in the answer. Thinking of how many times I am in the parking lot, leaving a client meeting, and knowing exactly what I want to include in a follow-up email message.  By the time I get to a place and time to craft that email, it comes out somewhat bland and not as fresh as when I first left the parking lot.

Using Dragon Dictation on your iPhone or iPad, you are able to capture those brilliant ideas immediately and then either save them for later or send your masterpiece of communication via:

  1. SMS
  2. eMail
  3. Facebook
  4. Twitter

The accuracy is amazingly accurate, and if you need to correct or add an additional note, the keyboard is there with one click of the icon.  They claim it is up to five times faster than typing – they haven’t seen me type on my iPhone because it might be double that.  And it learns your style as you use it, improving accuracy over time.

Here was my first tweet using Dragon Dictation with no editing:

First Tweet using Dragon Dictation

If you have never tried Dragon Naturally Speaking on your desktop of laptop, I recommend that program as well, but that is for another post at another time.  By the way, this post was almost entirely written using Dragon Dictation from my iPhone and emailed to myself.  The only thing I didn’t dictate was the bulleted list above, and six or seven words and the @sign for my twitter address.

If  you have an iPhone or iPad (latest generation iPod Touch will also work) and you are connected to the Internet either via WiFi or 3G cellular, why would you not download this free app and see how it can improve your life.

Send me a Twitter message from your new productivity tool: @milesaustin

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