Use The Power of Personal Connections with Reachable

Use The Power of Personal Connections with Reachable

Reachable LogoYou have been building your network for years. Isn’t it time you leverage your connections? Reachable might just prove to be your next best friend in sales with the addition of their newest enhancements rolled out during Dreamforce 12. They are highlighting a capability they call “social proximity selling”. Social proximity selling can be defined as

“Capabilities to use the strength of professional and personal connections – or “social proximity” – to driver higher sales productivity.”

As salespeople, we have always tried to leverage our friends, our Rolodex and now our social networking connections to improve our chances for making a sale. The team at Reachable has taken this tendency and focused the power of its web tool on this tendency, with exciting results.  I now have my LinkedIn, Facebook, Google and Outlook connections working for me within Reachable.

I wrote about the predecessor to Reachable back in late 2010 when it was called PeopleMaps. I liked it then, primarily because it provided a visual view of how I, my connections and my desired contact were connected. For me the key was that it was a visual representation – alleviating me from having to sift through LinkedIn, Twitter and my database to figure out the most efficient path to my desired prospect. That capability is still here and I recommend it even more now.

Here is a screenshot of one page from my account showing my connections to Jeff Bezos of

Reachable Screen Shot

The additional features that have been added to the web tool, re-branded as Reachable include:

Inbound Lead Ranking –

If you are receiving inbound leads (and if you are not we need to talk) the task of ranking the leads in priority for follow-up is typically a manual process, utilizing the experience and judgement of the individual. Reachable ranks all leads by their strength of connection to an individual sales rep, resulting with high scores for those with the strongest connections to the account.

Outbound Lead Prospecting –

By integrating Reachable, you are able to turn an ineffective cold call into a comfortable introduction by allowing the salesperson to know the best connections and path to the prospective customer.

A recent study by Reachable found that a prospect is five times more likely to return a call if they have some type of connection to the caller.

Does your experience match what they found?

 Reachable Value of Connections-Infographic

Reachable is an extremely powerful, flexible and adaptable web tool, that is able to meet the needs of an individual sales rep through to a Fortune 500 global sales team. By illuminating all the connection paths available, highlighting the best possibilities using the new capabilities of  “social proximity selling” and the ability to integrate into make Reachable a web tool that every sales organization should explore.

To take Reachable for a test ride, you have two options to consider, based on your needs. The best way to get a feel for the power is to start with the Online option:

Reachable Online

Reachable for CRM (to schedule a demo)

You have been building your network for many years now. Isn’t it time you leverage your connections to maximize your sales results? Reachable might just prove to be your next best friend in sales!

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