Sales 2.0 Conference Day 1 Reflections and Observations

Sales 2.0 Conference 2010 – Day 1 Reflections and Observations

Some of you might be wondering what the big deal is about Sales 2.0 Conference.  For me, it provides an opportunity to meet with and learn from those that create the WebTools that I study, teach, write about and use every day.  In addition, I am surrounded by many others that share my passion for these WebTools and how to integrate and implement them for the benefit of their clients and companies.

A few of my observations and learning points from the first day:

  1. No one can claim that WebTools are just gimmicks any more.  Companies large and small are deploying tools in record numbers and they are getting results.
  2. When Gartner Research VP Michael Dunne is talking about tangible, measurable increases in sales revenue across the board you know this is no longer a fringe topic.  Then when the feedback on Twitter says that his was the best presentation of the day, you know you better start paying attention.
  3. To  hear customers and WebTool vendors alike state matter of factly that they are using and recommending some of the very tools (Jigsaw) that were considered “evil” by some pundits. 
  4. It is clear that with the mainstream acceptance of Sales 2.0 concepts, tool mania might become a problem.  The selection of the appropriate WebTool for the specific need will be more important than ever. Expertise and understanding is critical.
  5. Collaboration will be a significant focus.
  6. Mobile will be the primary access to the Tools.
  7. Social Media/Networking should be integrated into your sales process.
  8. An effective lead generation strategy is to educate. Customer will return if you have informed with integrity and transparency.
  9. Sales teams have higher quotas & fewer resources -have to increase sales efficiency to hit goals (thanks @OneSourceInfo)
  10. Functional silos and company hierarchies are breaking down.  We need to be prepared.
  11. Gerhard Gschwandtner opened the conference with the following:  “Business is a dance around value”.  Is your company at the dance?

The plan for tomorrow is to try to get to every one of the sponsors for a fun video project. 

If you are at the Convention, share your thoughts from the first day.  What did I forget? Any surprises?

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