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Sales 2.0 Conference 2009

How to Accelerate Sales in 2009  

If that headline doesn’t get your attention, you need read no further.  

For the rest of us, the possibililty of accelerating sales this year is clearly a goal.  If you are involved in sales and  want to learn from the thought leaders and visionaries  leading the way with Sales 2.0 tools and thinking, I encourage you to take the time to attend this event being held March 4th and 5th in San Francisco.  To learn more and register for this event, click Sales 2.0 Conference

Agenda topics include:

  • How to Accelerate Sales in a 2.0 World
  • Sales Lead Management 2.0
  • Customer Engagement Strategies
  • Analytics and Compensation Management
  • Accelerating Productivity – New Sales 2.0 Tools
  • The Foundation of a Sales 2.0 Business

The event is produced by SalesDotTwo, Inc and is co-hosted by’s Co-Founder David Thompson and Selling Power’s publisher Gerhard Gschwandtner.  

A sampling of the many companies attending:

Sales 2.0 Sponsors

I will be presenting on March 5th at 9:30 on Accelerating Productivity – new Sales 2.0 tools sharing my experience with Xobni and the benefits it provides to SalesMakers.  Stop by the Xobni booth afterwards and introduce yourself.  I’d love to say meet you.

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