Send to Kindle Makes Sense for Mobile Professionals

Send to Kindle Makes Sense for Mobile Professionals

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Having a Kindle account with Amazon might be one of the best time-savers and conveniences sales people can use even if they do not have a Kindle. Whether you are on a Mac or PC, iPad, iPhone or Android, creating a Kindle account takes just a few minutes and has no cost.

While I am a big fan of my Kindle readers, I often do not have one with me but I always have my iPhone and usually my iPad. A feature that I use frequently is the ability to load business agreements, proposals, and even PowerPoint presentations that are saved in PDF format from my desktop to my mobile devices using the Send to Kindle feature.

How Save to Kindle works:

1.  Download the  appropriate version of Send to Kindle from Amazon. Numerous options to choose from – I use the Desktop option primarily and sometimes the Google Chrome option.

2.  Once installed on your desktop/laptop, you place your mouse on the icon of the document that you want to move to your mobile device, right click on the icon and select Send to Kindle.

3.  You then select where you want to send the PDF to and then select SEND.

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4.  Your document will arrive on your selected mobile device(s) within minutes, ready to read, or in the case of PowerPoint – present. No conversion, no funky font problems, just works.

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I enjoy reading white-papers and eBooks that I download from multiple sources online. It used to be that I had to either read them on my desktop or print them out to read them when away. Send to Kindle has allowed me to catch up on reading these documents wherever I find some extra time on my hands. iPhone, iPad, Android – no matter – your documents can travel with you for as long as you need them.

I just received an un-released preview of a book from an author in PDF format. By using Send to Kindle, I now have the ability to read it on my iPhone, iPad, laptop or desktop and whenever I have a few spare moments. It has been a valuable convenience for me and I hope it will be of benefit to you as well.


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