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Simple Is Often Better Than Complex.

We live in a time where complexity is all around us. Simple solutions are frequently discounted due to the perception that something must be missing.

I share this observation today after several conversations about yesterdays post that described a tool that increases views and leads to your website with one simple line of code.

“It can’t be that effective?” and the “I need a more elaborate solution like ***”.

In this case, a simple approach works better than a complex, more expensive approach for several reasons.

  1. It is easy to deploy.
  2. It works on any website.
  3. The results are verified in minutes.

Want to see how TabEngage works in real time? Open a new tab in your browser now. While in your new tab to another site, keep your eye on the tab that Fill the Funnel is in. It grabs your attention and unless you are in the 25% that do not come back, it reminds you that you had unfinished business on Fill the Funnel.

Still not sure if something this simple works? Here is a screen capture of the results from the TabEngage dashboard last night, less than 9 hours after the post went live:

TabEngage Results

Real results that have a real impact – 75% of those that left came back! 

TabEngage is on a very short launch, ending Wed, 7/17, so grab a copy for a twenty dollar bill and put this on any and all websites you own. I will even install it for you if would like.

Take advantage and select the simple over the complex – it will pay off instantly.

Choose simple this time.