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Simple Tool To Keep Bad Guys Out Of Your WordPress Site

This tool is one simple, quick way to make it much more difficult for the bad guys out of your WordPress site.

WordPress powers somewhere between 20% to 38% or more of the world’s websites. That puts a big target on WordPress for the bad guys to focus on. Then add to this environment the fact that the vast majority of WordPress site owners are relatively inexperienced with web security, creating a prime environment to hack unprotected sites.

Let me make this clear – if the bad guys really want to hack your site and have the skills, they will get in.

For almost three years, I have been using this WordPress Plugin to add a new level of security to all my sites. I love it because of its simplicity, and the peace of mind that it provides.

On the left is what a standard WordPress Login page looks like. On the right is what a site looks like with the plugin installed.

You select what the question being asked is, and you can have a rotating series of questions if you desire. When anyone gets to the login page of your site, they are required to select the correct security question from the list, and then answer it correctly.

This eliminates a bot or automation from getting in, and a hacker that is trying to do this manually will move along, not wanting to spend more time on your site.

There are much more advanced, tech-heavy,expensive layers you can add but for the first pass of protection of your website, you really should invest the $17.95 for this plugin. You will sleep better and the bad guys will go find an easier target.

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