SlideShark Launches Significant New iPad Features

SlideShark Launches Significant New iPad Features

It is always encouraging when a company listens to its customers and today Brainshark did just that with the release of a significant upgrade to their market-leading iPad presentation tool – SlideShark. By resolving the frustration of converting your PowerPoint masterpiece in all it’s glory to your iPad, SlideShark was already a big hit. Yet we still wanted more as we integrate iPad into every aspect of our sales activity.

With today’s announcement, the following enhancements are available:

iPad 2 and new iPad users, when connected to an external projector or TV, can simultaneously:

  • View slide notes,
  • View separate timers for time spent on individual slides and the overall presentation,
  • View the animation counter, and current, previous and next slides – all while their audience sees the presentation in full-screen mode.
  • Faster conversion times for your presentations, 3 to 5 times faster.
  • Advanced reporting on shared presentations
  • Enhanced administrative controls
  • NOTE: iPad 1 projector/TV support – First-generation iPad users can now plug in and present to audiences in full-screen mode, a feature that was previously only available on new iPad and iPad 2.

Here is the SlideShark Notes View with Sharing

SlideShark Notes View Screen

One of the key features of SlideShark is the ability to see Viewer activity of the presentation:

SlideShark Reporting Screen

SlideShark has quickly become one of the “must-have” iPad apps for the sales professional. Upgrade if you have already downloaded SlideShark or create your free account for the first time here.


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