Small Business Sales Prospecting Just Got Much Easier

Small Business Sales Prospecting Just Got Much Easier

If you are selling to small business customers, you know how you struggle to obtain current information and data for companies with fewer than 100 employees. Dun & Bradstreet, Jigsaw/ and other well-known names do a commendable job of providing this information for larger companies but are much less productive for small businesses.

Radius logoRadius provides the first sales intelligence web tool exclusively focused on the SMB market, “a huge market – 65% of the U.S. economy – that is currently underserved.” Radius delivers real-time online and social data to sales teams that target small to medium-sized businesses.

Small businesses make up 65% of the US economy – are you reaching them?

Radius provides the most comprehensive sales intelligence available for U.S. small business. By gathering business data, social media insights and location-based context, Radius delivers actionable information to a dashboard environment. Sales teams are now able to prioritize and discover new sales opportunities that were invisible before.

You can now realize the benefits of a strong set of customer data like that available for larger companies including these:

  • Increase Call Performance – Turn cold prospects into meaningful conversations.
  • Close Deals Faster – Save time researching sales leads and businesses.
  • Comprehensive Sales Intel – Real-time location context, social insights and business data.
  • Prioritize Leads in Real-Time – Follow target leads and get real-time updates on changes in their business.
  • Know Your Customer – Monitor your customer’s and their competition’s activity in one click.
  • Key Data Sources – Social media, news, contacts, public records, company profiles.
  • Be Timely – Get real-time updates on your leads’ businesses and their competitors.
  • Discover New Leads – Gain insights and view activity from a growing list of data sources.
  • 17 Million Small Businesses – Up-to-date data and local insights on millions of SMBs.

Here is an example of how Radius can provide value:

A successful sales person was laid off from a big bank during the financial collapse a few years ago. She decided to move to Seattle and start anew with her own franchise business of selling advertising services to small neighborhood businesses.  Her targets are the neighborhood dry cleaners, florists, beauty salons, etc. Being new, she has no connections, no network and no local knowledge. Yellow pages, online directories, Chamber of Commerce members and Business Journal Book of Lists was the extent of her data. Not very productive if you need to start making connections quickly.

After creating a account, she was now able to search each specific neighborhood, view all the businesses within her search criteria of industry and size. She now had owners names, phone numbers, email addresses and websites. She was also able to learn if these businesses were using online advertising via Facebook or Groupon. This was exactly the type of information that she needed. the same type of information that she used to have when serving large corporate clients in the past.  Armed with this information, she has been able to dramatically improve her call conversions, knowledge about her prospects and their history. She is on her way to achieving success at a rate much higher than her peers across the company that did not know about Radius.

“Radius holds the same promise for the SMB sales and marketing teams as Jigsaw did for the medium and enterprise sales teams.”  Miles Austin

Many of you know how significant I feel was to the sales profession when it came out. It too was a game-changer for the medium and enterprise focused sales and marketing teams.

If you are selling to small business, or know someone who is- give Radius a try – you won’t be disappointed.


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