SweetProcess - Capture The Process and Achieve New Success

SweetProcess – Capture The Process and Achieve New Success

The most successful entrepreneurs know the key to scaling any business lies in your standard operating procedures. SweetProcess is a web tool that helps you document all those repetitive tasks that eat up your valuable time.

Who said Standard Operating Procedures have to be painful? Every business activity is made up of many individual steps or activities. Documenting these steps for analysis and improvement is an important role for sales management and sales operations leaders. By documenting these repetitive steps and activities of the most successful performers in your team, you are then able to teach, coach and scale for growth and improved success.

What got me so excited when I discovered this tool is that it has a far broader application than just for those in Operations. Sales managers, small business owners and trainers – read this post! It will save you time, increase the effectiveness of your communication and improve the results of your efforts. My training business will never be the same after discovering this tool.

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SweetProcess brings new tools to the old rules of creating standard operating procedures by integrating web, graphics, video, social media and even mobile sources into your effort. If you intend to grow your business, the sooner you document your operating procedures the sooner you will be able to begin the growth you hoped for. With your procedures documented, then you can begin the fun part – tweaking and improving each step in your process and then implementing the improvements across all existing employees and those future hires that you will surely require on your growth path. And with the built-in ability to track activity and progress you will get to your goals much quicker.

Why is SweetProcess so helpful?


Procedures designed for productivity – SweetProcess is a web tool that helps you document all those repetitive tasks that eat up your valuable time.  Easy to read, highly visual, with interactive features like check boxes and comments, all lead to a job well-done. When your communication is easy to read the impact and retention increases noticeably.

Clarify with images & videos – You want to make sure your information is read and understood? By including screenshot images or videos to give extra clarity to any step in your procedures you will enjoy better clarity. Just drag and drop or copy and paste. Who said documenting your processes has to be a pain?

Share procedures with a teammate…or the world – Share procedures securely with teammates or your company and then monitor their progress as they complete each step. Or, make your procedure public and share them with business partners, suppliers, your bank and even your customers. Everyone likes doing business with companies that deliver with consistency. Ask Starbucks or Amazon what they have discovered.

Track activity and progress – Implementing any tool or change without the ability to track against pre-defined goals is a waste of money and time. Did marketing  finish the weekly email campaign this week? Which step is a sales rep up to in the client discovery process? Know the answers to these questions and more. Track latest activity or look back in the history of any procedure. This ability to look backwards at history will save you plenty of time and eliminate the guessing game of “how did we do that in the past” so that you can stay focused.

Access SweetProcess from anywhere – Eliminate the problem of not having access to correct procedures at those key moments when they are most needed.  Whether you’re working out in the field, in the warehouse, or at your desk, view your procedures using any computer, smartphone, or tablet. SweetProcess is 100% mobile-optimized, so your procedures look just as good from your desktop as they do in the palm of your hand.

Readers of Fill the Funnel know that my goal when recommending web tools is to automate and scale. That is embedded in every consulting engagement and training that I do. SweetProcess fits in very nicely to this messaging. As a relatively new web tool, there is much more functionality in development. I have been sworn to secrecy but imagine if once you have captured your process, you would be able to delegate each task to a team or individual and then track the progress and completion of that step. Just a teaser about the possibilities ahead. I encourage you to take the recommended actions below, especially #2 so that you can get an extended trial that is only available to readers of Fill the Funnel.

Recommended Actions:

  1. Sign-up for 14-day free trial.
  2. Send an email to maustin@fillthefunnel.com and cc: owen@sweetprocess.com to receive an additional 14 days on your trial.
  3. Watch the intro video of Sweet Process.


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