Sales 2.0 Next Level-Infogroup's OneSource iSell Introduced

Taking Sales 2.0 to the Next Level-Infogroup’s OneSource Introduces iSell

With the announcement of this new sales 2.0 web tool, Infogroup’s Onesource iSell has the potential to move your sales force into the next generation of sales productivity.  Speed and information are critical to your salesInfogroup OneSource iSell Screenshot success in any B2B environment.  The ability to stay informed on the latest activities, decisions and moves of your client are a core component of Sales 2.0.  Then add the volume of data being fed into Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media platforms. The value of having your web tools automate this information sourcing from sites scattered across the internet, and to push it to the appropriate resources for action is extremely high.  It can make , and is making the difference between success and failure in your B2B sales efforts.

During the next two weeks, I will be diving into the tool-set of iSell using the following criteria as my sales scenario.

  • I am a sales rep with a computer technology company.
  • My territory is comprised of  states in the Central U.S. territory.
  • I am selling to the Healthcare marketplace, specifically hospitals.
  • I sell to hospitals with more than 2,000 employees.

With this as the foundation, I will build out and document the features, capabilities and output that I discover during the next two weeks and will be providing a full report in several posts in June about my experiences.  If you would like to explore iSell with me,  here is a link to more information about this promising new web tool.

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