The Power of Fresh and Relevant Information in Building Relationships

The Power of Fresh and Relevant Information in Building Relationships

Would you like to have a folder of fresh content and updates about each of the people you will be meeting handed to you 30 minutes before you meet with them? Or how about an automatic reminder 30 minutes after that same meeting with a reminder to make notes about the most important items discussed and agreed on during the meeting?


Let me introduce you to Refresh, an app for iPhone (soon on Android).

Refresh gives you the confidence to enter any meeting, ready to not only accomplish your objectives but also to continue to build on the relationships involved by delivering a dossier- a collection of documents about a particular person or event 30 minutes before you meet with them. Here is a sampling of some of the information provided in the dossier about the person you are about to meet with:

  • Headshot
  • How long they have been at their current employer
  • Current Title
  • LinkedIn summary
  • List of last meetings and emails involving this person from your email program
  • Mutual connections shared on social networks
  • LinkedIn Groups that they belong to
  • Most popular YouTube videos, Tweets and other Social media posts
  • Most recent YouTube videos, Tweets and other Social Media posts
  • Links to each Social Media Profile of the person you are going to meet with including:
    • Facebook
    • Google+
    • LinkedIn
    • Twitter
    • YouTube
    • Pinterest

As a mobile app, Refresh will connect the dots between Tweets, profiles, updates, blogs, photos and other events across social networks all in the palm of your hand, right when you need it, in an easy to understand format.

refresh app screen

During a busy daily schedule, I have found myself running from appointment to meeting to video conference with very little time in between. Using Refresh, I have found myself sitting in a customer’s parking lot, reviewing the Refresh folder for my upcoming meeting. I have reminders about when my last meeting was, what our last email was about, any recent tweets or LinkedIn updates she might have posted and any notes that I have taken in the past.

For those of you going through a career or job change, think how helpful Refresh can be when you are notified about the most recent blog post from the hiring manager and the impression that can deliver during the interview.

After using Refresh for several months now, I discovered the biggest benefit for me has been the ability to engage in fresh, authentic conversations without having to fall back on “filler” conversations or the frantic glancing around the office to figure out something of interest to begin the conversation with. No more awkward conversations about the weather or the latest sports scores, unless those are shown to be of interest to the customer.

By using Refresh in your business life you will be able to enter any meeting fully briefed on those you are meeting with. As a mobile app, this information is available to you anywhere, at any time.

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Refresh – powerful, effective and at least for now – free!


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