The Power of One Tweet

The Power of One Tweet

I know that for many of you, the benefits of Twitter are still not clear.  I have had those doubts some days myself.  twitter logoLet me share a story that has cleared away any doubt about the power of one tweet. Early yesterday morning I saw a Tweet come across my screen from one of my most respected authors in the world of sales, Jill Konrath.  Jill is the author of  the #1 best-selling book, Selling to Big Companies, is in the highest demand as a speaker and sales trainer, and is the creator of Sales shebang – the premier professional development resource for women in sales.  In other words, she is at the top of the heap.  I have read her book, subscribe to her blog, connected to her on LinkedIn, and follow her tweets.  Here is the tweet that she sent:

“Looking forward to @milesaustin upcoming series on web tools for sellers

With that one tweet from Jill, I began two business relationships that are providing tremendous opportunity for me.

First I received an email from David Frey, founder of Marketing Best Practices and Telesummit Events.  David saw Jill’s tweet, checked out the blog and wanted to do an interview with me to feature as a bonus for the 4,000 plus registrants that are participating in his Sales Telesummit that is going on this week. I encourage you to sign up to hear some terrific sales speakers for FREE.  I completed a 60 minute interview  with Dave titled “15 Must Have Web Tools for Sales people” yesterday afternoon.  David is a sharp guy that has some tremendous experience and he shared a web tool with me (the web tools guy!) that was new to me and that I am in the process of implementing today.  There is terrific upside based on this relationship.

While doing the interview with David, I received a voicemail from someone else that had noticed the tweet.  Silvia Quintanilla runs Industry Gems Sales Intelligence, providing B2B sales professionals with information and valuable insight.  Sylvia said that she is a reader of Fill the Funnel, likes what she reads and wondered if I would be willing to write an article for her blog. We also started to explore other business opportunities.

Since that first unsolicited tweet from Jill, the tweets, emails, phone calls and registrations have all been impacted in a very positive way.  All of this to make the point, Never Underestimate the Power of One Tweet!

Thanks to Jill, David, Silvia and the many others for a real-time lesson in the value that each of us can provide by supporting others.  You have made a believer out of me.

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