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The Threat Perspective of AI in Marketing

As AI technology advances, its automation capabilities and data-driven decisions have grown exponentially. While these developments bring many benefits, they also pose significant challenges, particularly regarding job displacement within the marketing industry.

There is plenty of conversation about the positive and negative impact that AI is having on marketing and sales professionals. I believe that much of that is due to the inexperience of users and the exploration of how to utilize AI’s advantages to a skilled user.

I watched a video earlier this morning from the team at TechSmith, presented by Mike Parkinson, President of Billion Dollar Graphics in which Mike explains why we should not be afraid of AI but rather embrace it as a “friction-remover” in our creative work and found it very insightful. Carve out 20 minutes to hear what Mike has shared.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this, and if you agree or disagree with the recommendations.