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This Challenged 15 Years of Online Experience

I have a bias and it impacts every online action I take. I have been using WordPress for more than 15 years, installing it on well over four hundred sites during this time. I manage almost 200 WordPress sites for clients and myself. Deep experience with dozens of themes, several hundred plugins and multiple hosts. I lay that down as a base to understand why I am biased.

I can build pretty much anything you can imagine from a blog to an e-commerce site, to a membership site, to an online course using WordPress. I can connect any email provider and other online services that you might need.

As a result, when I have a need for something to be built online, I default to WordPress because of my deep experience.

What I am reminded of almost weekly is that for most of you, WordPress is not intuitive. It is unwieldy, confusing and a bundle of moving parts. With that as a background, I encourage you to consider my recommendation.

If you are just starting out, or have a new venture or idea that requires an online location, you should consider going with one of the all-in-one platforms that can do what you need more easily. You have most likely heard about these tools like ClickFunnels, Kartra, and Kajabi. They give you a visual page builder, template-driven, and most include features like email integration, sales pages, funnels, membership, and online courses. They all have a learning curve, but tutorials are well-developed and provide solid guidance.

They allow you to get your idea or product online quickly, in one interface, without having to worry about hosting, themes, plugins, and integration of other services. As a beginner, they can save you a lot of time and some hair-pulling, plus they have the advantage of providing market tested page layouts compared to starting with a white, blank screen.

The downside is that they are costly, typically costing you several hundred dollars per month. I own, or have owned every one of the platforms I mentioned above, but do not use any of them personally because I can build everything they provide out in WordPress fast and efficiently because of my fifteen years of learning, mistakes, re-do’s and hands on experience.

I follow this market segment very closely, sometimes because a client asks about them, or because of the traction being gained from their customers. One thing that you know very well if you are a subscriber to my email service is that every one of these platforms was very inexpensive when they launched, and the prices go up rapidly after they gain new customers during their launch.



I have an opportunity for you to get in on one of those launch price super-deals, for a well-tested and proven platform called KYVIO. It has been around for several years, quietly building out features and capabilities, and growing their customer base.

What is Kyvio?

Kyvio is an all-in-one marketing platform that lets you sell all types of digital products. It comes with its own Funnel Builder (landing page builder), membership site builder and an email marketing solution.

The platform has been selling for nearly 2 years, and their customers have done $1.7M in sales with courses alone.

There are too many features to list them all here but consider these to get started.

Kyvio is a one-of-a-kind all-in-one marketing technology, that includes:

  • Drag and drop funnel builder with over 200 ready pages for INSTANT setup and results.
  • Full-featured membership site creator and templates that have been proven to sell.
  • Advanced email automation and segmentation exclusive to high-end email enterprise platforms!
  • Industry-leading integration with the leading webinar, payment and communications platforms already built-in.
  • UNLIMITED 1-on-1 Hand-held Support Calls whenever you want. This is pretty immense, and with this kind of help – this all-in-one marketing package becomes even more valuable.

Check out this page for a detailed explanation of what is included with KYVIO. It is thorough, clear and no-hype.

I kept the best thing for last! The annual price for KYVIO is $247

Yes, $247 after my discount is automatically applied. That is less than most of the competitors’ charge PER MONTH.

There’s an active timer on the page, and the launch price WILL expire on Wednesday, March 10th at midnight Eastern. 

Remember what I said at the beginning of this post – I do not use these platforms? Well, this time I changed my mind. The capability, flexibility, features, and speed of getting things done are too good to pass up. The integrations with my webinar platform and shopping cart are flawless.

I bought this myself!

Click here and get your copy of Kyvio like THOUSANDS of other people have.

You might have gotten in on GoToWebinar at $99/month for a 1000 seat license early on, Clickfunnels at $497 when it launched, or even Vidello at $12/month at launch. You know how good that investment looks now.

If you have ANY questions at all about KYVIO, shoot me a note or call me. We can explore the possibilities together. KYVIO has a rock-solid 30 day trial period. Put it through all your testing. If you do not think it is for you, shoot them an email and your money will be returned without any hesitation. There really is no risk.