Time For The Annual Fill the Funnel Five Question Survey

Time For Our Annual 5 Question Survey

Every year for the past 7 years, I have sent a survey to my entire subscriber list, asking for their input on one primary question and then 4 follow-ups based on the answer to question #1. The first year I called all 37 of you directly and took your responses down in a spreadsheet. This year it will be going out to over 20,000 subscribers and I still value each response. It will be in your inbox Thursday, May 21st so keep an eye out for it. It should take only one or two minutes at most to complete.

If  you are not on my subscriber list yet, subscribe today so I can get your input included in the survey results. 

Why do I only send this important survey to my subscribers? Pretty simple. They have shown their interest in what I write and speak about by allowing me to email them updates a couple times each month. The simple act of providing an email address is important to me. It shows you are willing to invest a small piece of your email inbox for what I have to share.

I know I return the favor by providing fresh, relevant information on topics that you are interested in and act on.

How do I know this? Because every email I send out has a reminder that if you are no longer benefitting from my emails, I provide a simple “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of every email. So, not receiving value, one click on the “Unsubscribe” link and I am gone. I think that is a pretty fair deal for both of us.

Why is this survey so important to us both? The answers you provide give me the guidance on what your biggest challenge is and what you want to learn more about. Once I gather and organize the responses, I plan out my writing for the next year based on what you are most interested in. I add additional information as the year progresses to reflect the current state of thinking about sales and business, and to share brand new tools that match the areas that you want to know more about.

I have a very interactive group of subscribers. They enjoy insider information on new tools before they are released,  limited beta invites to tools still in development and invitations to some of the most innovative public and private training taking place in the sales and marketing world.

If you are a subscriber already, thank you.

The survey is only live for 7 days before I close it to collate and review. If you are not a subscriber but would like to participate in the survey and see what else comes along with your subscription, sign up today by clicking here Fill the Funnel newsletter signup, or at the top or bottom of the Home page here at Fill the Funnel. And remember, the Unsubscribe link is always just one click away.