Turn Your Tweets Into An Impressive Website With Twylah

Turn Your Tweets Into An Impressive Website With Twylah

Twylah.com logoIf you are a reasonably active Twitter user, you are sharing valuable content and creating your own ideas that your customers and prospects can benefit from.  The challenge with Twitter is that unless your customer just happens to catch your tweet at the right time, they will never benefit from your brilliance.

Enter Twylah.com, an innovative web tool that captures your Twitter stream and publishes your content in an easy to read, professionally laid out web page that you can then share with others.  Here is a link to my Twylah page for Fill the Funnel: http://tweets.fillthefunnel.com/

If you use this LINK, and have at least 100 tweets, they will prioritize your request and give the fastest access.

For many of us in sales, technology is not our strength. We recognize that there is value in being engaged with Twitter, having a blog or website, etc. but do not have the time or inclination to delve deeply into the technology.  Twylah is an excellent example of a web tool that does all the tech work in the background for you. You just share and publish content that your customers/prospects will find valuable and Twylah does their magic and turns you into a professional online star.

One of the unexpected benefits you will notice is that Twylah will extend your reach way beyond Twitter. Your Twylah page is a dynamic, ever-changing web destination, and viewers have the ability to share and distribute items that they find useful out to others, either as a link or through the social sharing buttons built right in.

Here is what my Twylah page looks like today:

Fillthefunnel Twylah page

 So, what can you do with your new Twylah page?

Share it like you would any other website you own giving your audience a more reader-friendly experience with your tweets. Specifically:

  • Share your page on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus.
  • Add widgets to your website – Display the topics you tweet about directly on your website. Read more about Twylah Widgets »
  • Send Power Tweets – The most significant engagement with your Twylah page happens when you Power Tweet.

Screeeeech! Power Tweet, what the heck is that?

“A Power Tweet is a tweet you send from our platform to your Twitter followers that includes a link back to your Twylah page complete with the text of your tweet, embeded content from the link you’ve shared, and other related tweets of yours. Power Tweeting is a great way to send traffic to your Twylah page and gives your followers the opportunity to discover a larger portion of your Twitter content. By sending Power Tweets, your followers will land on a page full of engaging content such as your related tweets and topics. Viewers who click on Power Tweet links spend 3-5 minutes on average!”

If you do not have the time or technology know-how to build your own blog or website for your business, this solution might be your best bet to establish your presence online.  Not only is it easy to set up, but you will actually have some fun with it and I can tell you that your customers will love it as well. This is one of those web tools that you can set and forget if you choose to. I have found that as they continue to introduce  new innovation, I actually look forward to learning more about it.

There is quite a bit more that you can do with and from your page, but the important thing is to get started. We can share some additional best practices at a later date.

I can’t close this post without mentioning the support you will receive from the team at Twyla. Kelly Kim (@twylah) is very engaged on Twitter and social media in general and responds to your questions and ideas very quickly. Do yourself a favor and go get yourself set up with your own Twylah page. Send me the link to your page so I can see how you are doing.

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