Twitter Adds Security Feature-Adjust Your Settings N

Twitter Adds Security Feature-Adjust Your Settings Now

Twitter has now rolled out a significant security update available to everyone. By enabling this option, you turn on a “secure mode” using the Hyptertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) mode. This will encrypt your username, password, and any personal data, keeping it from being useful if intercepted by thieves. Read more:

Here is what you need to do to turn this security feature on, and I cannot think of any reason why you would not do this immediately.

Click on Settings

Twitter settings image

Scroll to bottom of page and click the box as shown

Twitter https selection box

Remember to click Save, and you are done.

Now when you refresh your page, you will notice the little lock icon in your browser bar, and the URL will begin with https://

SPECIAL NOTE: If you maintain more than one Twitter account, you need to do this in each account.

You know I am a big fan of Twitter. I believe that we will see the day when you have your Twitter address on your business card rather than your email address. Just make this change and your Twitter credentials will be more secure than the majority of email accounts in use.

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