Update/Results -What Would You Do With $1,000

Update/Results – What Would You Do With $1,000

Thanks to all of you that participated in the poll I posted a week ago that asked the following question:

“If you were handed $1,000 with the only requirement being that you had to put it into your sales career, where would it go?”

I intentionally used an open text field for your responses to give you the most flexibility in your answer.  I have taken the liberty to read through the 67 responses and broken them down into the following buckets of answers starting from the least common to the most common.

#9 –  Medical Marijuana ( only one response for this, but I enjoyed the creativity!)

#8 –  Clothing/Appearance ( new suits, makeover, Lasik)

#7 –  Gas Money

#6 –  Books/CD’s/DVD’s (could be added into the Training bucket but many categories included)

#5 –  Travel (leisure/vacation mostly to re-charge)

#4 –  Training (Social Media was #1 in this bucket)

#3 –  Professional tools (Association memberships, Luggage, Organization memberships (networking & social)

#2 –  Sales/Marketing software/tools (automation tools #1, CRM, Constant Contact & other email service providers, dozens of Web Tools, several answered with Premium LinkedIn account here)

#1 –  Technology Hardware (iPad #1 in this bucket, Tablet #2, Laptop, Mobile Broadband, LCD Projectors and Smartphones all received several votes)

A couple of things stood out for me with the responses:

  • iPad/Tablets are clearly on the wishlist of many in sales.  If  you are a web tool vendor, you better be thinking of how your solution can be optimized for a tablet experience.
  • Training was only #4 in responses.  With the significant shift in Buyer expectations and activity, how will we learn about these new philosophies and strategies to meet these changing expectation?
  • Wow did I relate to #5 Travel responses for vacation.  It has been way too long.

How about you, what do you think of the responses and which bucket is/was/should be your answer?