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We all use graphics continuously in our sales and marketing work. Finding an effective and relevant image can take an hour or more, and many times we have to settle for something that is “pretty close”.  I am sharing two tools in this post that will be a big help in getting the image “just right”, and are designed for those of us who are not PhotoShop experts.

One is free and one costs under $25.

Tool #1 ->  Flexible Images

Flexible Images is a massive online cloud-based library of more than 10,000 flexible images that your customers can use in almost any project regardless of its destination background style or colors.

These are not your ordinary images, these images are professionally cut out and referred to as “transparent” images. These images are without a background, they can easily blend in with any project seamlessly. With the super versatile nature of these images, these images can be used in videos, website, graphic designs, presentations, offline graphics and more. Watch the video to see why having these images is so helpful.

Using these transparent images from Flexible Images is a huge time-saver when compared to my previous attempts of either outsourcing the project or trying to figure it out using Photoshop. Plus this is a one-time purchase, no on-going fees for the 10,000 images – you really should grab your license.

Tool #2 ->  Crello


Crello is a FREE online graphics creation application that is extremely easy-to-use and comes with 47 different formats that get you started creating your latest project.

With Crello, you can create designs for:

  • Social Media Posts
  • Digital Ads
  • Animated Posts
  • Print Materials

I have found it to be easy to learn, effective and fast. Their templates are created by talented professionals, giving me the ability to benefit from their talent and expertise.

The combination of these two tools, Flexible Images and Crello, can give you a leg up on your graphics creation for the year ahead. Grab them both, and take your graphics to a whole new level.

PRO TIP! Have a professional photographer take a dozen or more photos of you in different poses with transparent backgrounds. Then you can add your own images as overlays on any other image you create.