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Web Tools for SalesMakers Webinar

Due to my active writing, speaking & training schedule, I am privileged to be introduced to some very exciting Web 2.o and Sales 2.0 tools & technologies each month, sometimes before the products are rolled out in beta form.  Since presenting on behalf of Xobni at Gerhard Gschwandtner’s Sales 2.0 Conference this past March in San Francisco, I have been testing and evaluating more than a dozen promising Web Tools.  As I am coming out of testing and review of these products, I will begin to post my experiences & results shortly.

In conjunction with Jigsaw.com, I have been asked to share some of the more interesting and productive Web Tools that I use in my daily sales activity.  I encourage you to register for this event being held on April 22nd at 10:00 am (Pacific).  If you have friends and associates that you think would benefit from this information, please pass this link along to them.  I promise a fast-moving 30 minutes that will increase your sales and your effectiveness.  Here is the link to register:  http://budurl.com/fc7r   Don’t delay as these events are capped at 1,000 attendees and they have hit capacity the last two times out.  Here is the overview below:

Web Tools for SalesMakers – How to Sell More Using Sales 2.0 Technology

Explore Sales 2.0 tools and techniques and produce stronger and more predictable results. Whether you are in sales, marketing, business development or recruiting  these innovative web tools will allow you leverage its capabilities and improve sales results. No need to wait and move a step ahead of your competition. 

Attend this webinar to learn how you can: 

  1. Come to work every morning with fresh prospects.
  2. Combine all of your emails, attachments, and meetings for a prospect onto one screen.
  3. Track how often your prospects/clients click on the web links you send them. 
  4. Have everything you need to know about your customer/prospect on one screen.
  5. Convert your incoming voicemails into text emails.
  6. Fill out your call reports in Salesforce over the phone before you leave the parking lot.
  7. Access all of your important files from any computer – anytime and anywhere.

Miles Austin is the author of the rapidly-growing FilltheFunnel.com blog and is anticipating the release of his first book entitled “Web Tools for SalesMakers” in late spring of 2009. He is a nationally recognized speaker and trainer on Sales 2.0 technologies. He has been responsible for sales quotas up to 2.2 billion dollars and sales teams of 300 plus team members.

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